Sale of books on FRANSCRIPTOR website

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Sale of books in paper format

On FRANSCRIPTOR website you can sale your ancient, rare and/or precious books either in digital or paper format.

If you choose to sell books in paper format on FRANSCRIPTOR website, you have two options:

Sale of your books by FRANSCRIPTOR

The platform FRANSCRIPTOR offers hosting and storage services for books on sale on our Website.
You can entrust the books you wish to sell to us. The platform FRANSCRIPTOR will host and stock them in a secure cool dry place, away from light, humidity and any flood risks, and temperature shift.
On top of hosting your books, we will take care of digitizing them for you, as well as publishing up-to-date advertisements, handling of communications with potential buyers, of responses to various questions, and information.
During books holding, we can digitize them on demand, either to obtain a digital version of your books or to sell them digitally, or both. In this case, digitization will be at your own cost. On the other hand, the platform FRANSCRIPTOR can, with the owner’s agreement, decide to digitize books for their beauty or their intellectual interest. In this case, digitization will be free of charge for you.
We can also help you estimate the value of the books you wish to sell.

Sale of your books by yourself

You can also to choose to sell your books on your own through the platform FRANSCRIPTOR.
In this case, you will be in charge of publishing your advertisement and update it, as well as handling communication with potential buyers – we will forward their messages to you. Packing and shipping your books will also be your responsibility.

Sale of books in digital format

The platform FRANSCRIPTOR offers the possibility to sell ancient, rare or precious books in digital format.
You can deposit a digital version of your books on our Website in order to market them or just to share them. The platform FRANSCRIPTOR allows you to sell books in various digital formats:

They can be digitized in a simple image format. You deposit on the platform all pages of the book in image mode (JPEG) and we will give access to the buyers to a single file containing all pages.

Otherwise you can offer the readers a more advanced service on the platform FRANSCRIPTOR. Your books can be digitized and converted to a text format thanks to OCR software or thanks to the transcription of texts. This way, you will be able to offer PDF documents containing images of the pages with text.

Of course, you are in charge of digitizing the books you wish to sell on FRANSCRIPTOR Website.

BE CAREFUL: the platform FRANSCRIPTOR reserves the right to refuse or remove any book which would not reach the required minimum quality level stipulated by FRANSCRIPTOR.

Quality advice for the sale of digital books on FRANSCRIPTOR Website:

- We recommend that images should have a minimum resolution of 150dpi and maximum resolution of 300dpi.
- Digitize and organize pages of books in the right order.
- All books with unreadable (unclear) pages will be rejected.
- Control the sharpness and contrast of images of the books.
- Be careful with the colorimetry of images.
- Prefer multipage PDF documents (with all the book pages) and preferably with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in order to incorporate the text to the document.

Also, you can entrust the platform FRANSCRIPTOR for the digitization of your books. Send us your books, we will digitize them and convert them to the digital format for you. We will then be able to sell them online on your behalf upon request. Please contact us for information on prices.

Shared sale of digital books

Another option is to request from the platform FRANSCRIPTOR a shared sale of your books.
In this case, you can offer ancient, rare or precious books to sell. Send us photos of significant pages of your beautiful books, manuscripts, incunabula. The platform will review your request and will validate it or not.
If your request is accepted, the platform FRANSCRIPTOR will digitize the books. After their digitization, you can either entrust FRANSCRIPTOR with the sale of the paper format of your books or sell them on your own.
The digitized version of the books will be hosted on our website and benefits of the sale will be shared between the owner and the platform FRANSCRIPTOR.