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The following Terms and Conditions shall apply to the use of this Website (FRANSCRIPTOR). By using FRANSCRIPTOR, you agree to be bound by these general Terms and Conditions and all other conditions established on FRANSCRIPTOR. This will specifically apply to the Privacy Policy and particularly to the Cookie Policy. These Conditions can be modified and be updated at all time.
By simply using the platform FRANSCRIPTOR implies that you agree to the Terms and Conditions stipulated by FRANSCRIPTOR.
If you disagree with the Conditions of use of the platform FRANSCRIPTOR, DO NOT USE IT.
You are not authorized to use FRANSCRIPTOR as a source of information to create your own content, which would infringe on our rights. We will pursue any copy or use of our content by any means unauthorized by us, and for all use other than personal and non-commercial use.
You can only use FRANSCRIPTOR for personal and commercial use , in a commercial way according to rules as stipulated by the platform FRANSCRIPTOR as described below.
We decline all responsibilities for content or advertisements from third parties available on the platform FRANSCRIPTOR.
We reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete all or part of these Terms and Conditions of use at all times. We will inform you of the modifications of the Conditions of use. Further use of the platform FRANSCRIPTOR after all and any modifications will mean that you agree with those changes.
You are not allowed to use any program, algorithm or automatic method, or any other manual process to follow or obtain any content from the platform FRANSCRIPTOR.
It is strictly forbidden to reproduce in any manner the presentation of FRANSCRIPTOR Website or of all other content. As well, it is strictly forbidden to circumvent the navigational structure of FRANSCRIPTOR Website to obtain or try to obtain any content, documents or information by any means which are not intentionally made available on FRANSCRIPTOR Website.
We reserve the rights to control and block all and any such activities.
You are not authorized to try to obtain an unauthorized access to any part or functionality of FRANSCRIPTOR Website through hacking, password mining or any other means. This rule is not only valid for FRANSCRIPTOR Website but also, to its systems, networks, servers, data and offered services. You agree not trying to usurp neither the username nor the password of any other user of FRANSCRIPTOR Website.
You are not authorized to try accessing FRANSCRIPTOR Website with another username than your own, nor to block temporarily an account by trying several access attempts with the username of another user.
It is strictly forbidden to obstruct security or authentication measures of the platform FRANSCRIPTOR.
You agree to do everything in your power to limit the load on the infrastructure of FRANSCRIPTOR Website, system and network. You agree to use the Website in a manner which does not impose an unreasonable and disproportionate load, but meanwhile still keeping an optimum quality of the documents you will deposit on the platform FRANSCRIPTOR.
You agree not to use any device, software or routine to disrupt or try to disrupt the proper functioning of the platform FRANSCRIPTOR or the access of any other User of the FRANSCRIPTOR Website.
Your are not authorized to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of FRANSCRIPTOR Website, nor of its system, nor of its network.
You are not authorized to falsify details, information, headings of the books which you deposit on the platform FRANSCRIPTOR.
You are required to be the most precise about the information about the books you manage.
You are not authorized to use FRANSCRIPTOR Website or any content for any illegal purpose or forbidden by the present Conditions of use or under the law.
You agree to always treat other Users with respect.
We reserve the rights at all times and without notice to modify, suspend or terminate the running of FRANSCRIPTOR Website or to the access to the Website, or to any part of the Website, for any reason.
We have the full right to modify or change the Website or any part of the Website.
We can interrupt the Website operations, or any part of the Website, as necessary to execute periodical or exceptional maintenance operations as well as updating operations.
In case of a dispute or litigation between you and the platform FRANSCRIPTOR in relation to the use of the Website, the parties will use their best efforts to resolve the dispute through dialogue and negotiation. If the dispute cannot be resolved in a reasonable time frame which will not exceed 45 days, each of the parties can submit their dispute to mediation. If the dispute is not resolved through mediation, the parties will be free to defend their rights in Court.
You agree that all litigations be governed by French law, without regard to conflicts of law principles. You agree to exclusive jurisdiction of French competent Courts.

2. Content on FRANSCRIPTOR Website

You agree not to publish on FRANSCRIPTOR Website any defamatory, threatening, obscene, malicious, pornographic or illegal content which would infringe in any way our rights or the rights of third parties or would cause troubles or inconveniences.
You agree not to express vulgar, boorish, sexist, racist or otherwise chocking opinions.
You agree to strictly respect intellectual property rights, confidentiality rights or any other aspect of privacy.
You agree to publish or to make available on FRANSCRIPTOR Website contents that you do own or that you expressly allowed to publish or be made available on the Website by the owner or that you are simply entitled the full use or enjoyment.
You agree not to copy, download, reproduce, republish, imitate or transmit any information on FRANSCRIPTOR Website, except as strictly necessary for your personal use.
The overall content which we publish is owned or controlled by us, or is granted to us by license, and is protected by law, by copyrights, by patent and trademark laws, and by other intellectual property rights and laws.
If you have knowledge of such unauthorized non-commercial use of our content, please inform us by email.
Except for measures formally stipulated in the present Conditions of use, no parties of FRANSCRIPTOR Website nor no elements of content can be copied, reproduced, used as a news source, downloaded, published, publicly posted, encoded, translated, transmitted or distributed in any manner towards any other computer, server, Website or any other publishing or distribution medium, or for any business entity or commercial operation, without prior formal written consent from us.
By publishing content on FRANSCRIPTOR Website, you grant us a worldwide irrevocable license for the legal length of the applicable protection of intellectual property rights, and free of rights to use, reproduce, represent, adapt, modify, translate your content deposited on FRANSCRIPTOR Website.
We decline all responsibilities for contents published on FRANSCRIPTOR Website by its users and by advertisers. We are not responsible for their contents.
We decline all responsibilities on data and information deposited on FRANSCRIPTOR Website, their accuracy, their up-to-date status and their reliability.
As well, we decline all responsibilities on statements, advice and opinions given by Users. If you have a complaint from any of these actions from another User, you agree to assert your claim against this User and not against us.
We reserve the right to control all data and information deposited on FRANSCRIPTOR Website. We grant ourselves the right to comment, modify, refuse, or delete any and all content.

3. User Account

Some functions or services offered by FRANSCRIPTOR Website may require your registration and the creation of a username and user password. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your registration’s personal information, including your password.
In addition, you are solely responsible of all activities performed with your registration data. You must ensure the confidentiality and security of this information. For these reasons we advise you not to lend your account to a third party, nor to borrow a third party’s account.
You agree to inform us immediately of all unauthorized use of your username and password (personal account).
Within the terms and limits permitted by applicable law, you can be held responsible for incurred losses by us or by any other user due to someone’s use of your username, password or account because of your failure to ensure the confidentiality and security of your account data.
You are by no means not authorized to use a third party’s username or password without the owner of this username and this password (account) formal agreement.
We decline all responsibilities in the event of loss or damages arising from your non-compliance with these obligations.
You agree that without notice we can terminate or block your access to the Website for the following reasons: request from law enforcement institutions or other authorities, request from you to delete your account, interruption or substantial modification of the Website or all other services offered, unexpected technical problems, determining you committed an offense, your non-compliance with the present Terms of services.

4. Websites, partners, third party advertisers and resellers

FRANSCRIPTOR Website may contain links to other independent third-party Websites. These third-party Websites are offered for some out of convenience for our Users, for others for commercial reasons. We do not control third-party Websites. We are not responsible for third-party Websites nor for their content.
All transactions between you and third-party advertisers or merchants found on FRANSCRIPTOR Website or through it, including payment and delivery of products and services, terms, conditions, warranties or any statements associated with these transactions, are solely concluded between you and the advertiser or merchant concerned. We are not responsible for any loss or any prejudice incurred as a result of these transactions or cookies that advertisers may place on your computer.

5. Commercial use of FRANSCRIPTOR

Please ensure that our Website content is not used in any way expressly unauthorized by us. As a commercial user, you agree that we may control your services to ensure that you are in strict compliance with our Conditions of use.
In no way you will be able to hold us responsible for any loss of profits, commercial interruption, loss of customers or reputation, or for any indirect damage even if we have been informed of the likelihood of damages.

6. Personal data

We do not disclose any of your personal data.
We will not disclose your e-mail address in any way under any circumstances, including for direct mailings.
We reserve the right to issue trade links, suggestions and recommendations to FRANSCRIPTOR Website users. Some of these e-mails may come from some of our partners but they will not have access or knowledge of your e-mail addresses or personal data.
We reserve the right to communicate any information we hold about you, including your identity, if this is necessary as a result of an investigation or complaint about your use of the platform FRANSCRIPTOR.
We may disclose all personal data for identification purposes in order to sue someone likely to affect our rights or property, such as but not limited to visitors, users, clients or advertisers of the platform FRANSCRIPTOR.
We reserve the right to communicate at all times any information necessary for us to comply with any applicable law or the current legislation, legal proceedings or request from a competent authority. We may also communicate your information any time the Law requires it, in particular sharing of information with other companies and organizations within the anti-fraud context.
You agree to allow us to retain all transmission or communication about you. We may communicate this data if required by law or if this data is necessary for us to comply with legal proceedings, to enforce the present Conditions, to respond to claims that this data violate third-party rights, or to protect our rights or property as well as our employees, Users and Website visitors rights and property.
We will comply to all current laws regarding personal data protection that we collect about you.


7.1 For text processing (transcription, correction, translation, etc.)

On the platform FRANSCRIPTOR you may request collaborative volunteer work in order to get free text processing.

In the event that you offer a price per page for text processing, the amount distribution is as follow:

60%For the transcriber in charge of the text processing.0.60 [$|€] / 1 [$|€]
20%For the proofreader or supervisor for the text processing quality.0.20 [$|€] / 1 [$|€]
20%For the platform FRANSCRIPTOR.0,20 [$|€] / 1 [$|€]

BE CAREFUL the platform FRANSCRIPTOR is using PayPal for its payments and payments of amounts due. Fees from PayPal may apply. For this reason payments for text processing will be processed as soon as your account will reach 50 [$|€].

7.2 For the sale of books in digital format.

On the platform FRANSCRIPTOR you may digitize and sell your books in digital format.
If your book is already in digital format, you can deposit it directly on the platform FRANSCRIPTOR. If your book is in paper format and you wish to convert it to the digital format in order to sell it on our platform, we can digitize your book, deposit it on the platform in digital format for a digital sale and give you your book back or sell it in paper format. Some supplemental costs apply for digitization.

For the sale of digital books, the sales commission is 25% of the selling price of the book.

This commission is withheld on the amount paid by the buyer: for a selling price of 10 [$|€], the seller receives the amount of 7,50 [$|€] and the platform FRANSCRIPTOR withholds 2,50 [$|€] in commission before paying the seller.

7.3 For the sale of books in paper format.

Remember that you can sell your books either in digital format or in paper format with the platform FRANSCRIPTOR.

For the sale of books in paper format, you can choose between two options:

- In the first option, you are in charge of the sale of your books. This means that you answer to communications with potential buyers and you ship the books to buyers.

- In the second option you can entrust us your books and we will take care of selling them. You send us your books, we stock them in a secure place and we take care of their sale, of communications with buyers and of shipping the books.

[NOTE] During the detention of the books, we can digitize them upon your request. In this case, digitization is at a cost at your own charge.

[NOTE] On the other hand, it may happen that the platform FRANSCRIPTOR decides to digitize books with the owner’s agreement for their beauty or for their intellectual interest. In this case, the platform FRANSCRIPTOR will digitize the books at its own cost, free of charge for the owner.

For the sale of books in paper format sold by you, the sales commission is 5% of the selling price of the book.

For the sale of books in paper format stocked and sold by us, the sales commission is 25% of the selling price of the book.

This commission is withheld on the amount paid by the buyer: for a selling price of 10 [$|€], the seller receives the amount of 9,50/7,50 [$|€] and the platform FRANSCRIPTOR withholds 0,50/2,50 [$|€] in commission before paying the seller.

7.4 Antiquarian booksellers partnership, Commissions and digital books rights.

When an antiquarian bookseller sells an ancient book, he has given an ancient book in paper format for a price and it’s the end of it. The seller does not keep any rights on the book he/she has sold. The buyer acquires all the rights of the book at purchase.

Indeed, the antiquarian bookseller who converts an ancient book into a digital format will get a sales commission for each sale of the digital version of the book. The amount is 75% at first and then 50% for the following sales unless he/she assigns its rights.

[IMPORTANT] Rights and commissions inherent to digital version of an ancient book.

The platform FRANSCRIPTOR offers the possibilities to antiquarian booksellers to keep commissions and rights on digital versions of ancient books which have been digitized.

Distribution of the royalty recommended by FRANSCRIPTOR

Because the owner of the physical book in paper format will acquire rights and part of the commissions at purchase of the book.
This means that the antiquarian bookseller will keep forever his rights and commissions for the creation of the digital version (50% of the value of the sale). On top of it, 25% of rights and commissions are added during his ownership of the book. When he/she will sell the book, he/she will sell, assign with it the right and commission related to the physical property of the paper format of the book. From that moment on, the new purchaser/owner will acquire the right and commission of the new sales of the digital version of the book.

Distribution of the royalty recommended by FRANSCRIPTOR relating to the digital version of old books

50%For the person or entity who ordered to make the creation of the digital version of the book.0.50 [$|€] / 1 [$|€]
25%For the owner of the physical book in paper format.0.25 [$|€] / 1 [$|€]
25%For the platform FRANSCRIPTOR.0.25 [$|€] / 1 [$|€]

BE CAREFUL the platform FRANSCRIPTOR is using PayPal for its payments and payments of amounts due. Fees from PayPal may apply. For this reason payments will be processed as soon as your account will reach 50 [$|€].


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Last update:April 2, 2022